We're building an app that lets you create an online store

The cheapest and easiest way to convert social media followers into customers

Shaking up eCommerce

Popular eCommerce platforms focus on online stores created from desktop, for desktop. We're focusing on bringing eCommerce mobile by allowing users to create an online store from their smartphone for their social media following, while paying far less than the traditional fees of setting up an online store.

Total Control

Create a shop, add products and pictures, setup payment options, configure product delivery, all within one app. We'll include all the features you need to sell to your social media followers such as automatic email receipts, coupon codes, and customer accounts.

Lower Fees

Minimal desktop visitors means a simpler online store optimized for mobile visitors and an online store that is far cheaper than any alternative. Say goodbye to web hosting fees and monthly plans. We'll only take a small percentage of sales. Start selling immediately without paying upfront fees and pay lower than you would normally pay with shopify and woocommerce.

A prototype is in the works. Fill out the form below and we'll tell you first when we launch our app.

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